A Message from the Author


Shortly after writing my book, McAdams, I was asked by a friend why I would devote so much time, energy and research to such an endeavor. The question made me think, but only for a moment.

Front COverFor many years I have been a student of history. This may sound a little strange coming from a graduate of Georgia Tech where my head was filled with such trivial matters as math, chemistry, physics and other related subjects that focused me on a much different pathway. But, starting my junior year at Tech, and as I entered the Marine Corps option of the Naval ROTC program, I had the good fortune to be instructed by a Marine Corps Major on the history of battles from
the early Greeks to the Korean War. It was detailed and interesting instruction, and I became hooked. I have continued to find the study of history a consuming and rewarding experience.

In writing McAdams, the main thrust is to focus on a time period in our country that united us as a nation from the Atlantic to Pacific Oceans. The battle for the independence of Texas plays a major role, as does the Mexican War. Additionally, it seemed important to add the personal and tragic experiences of the Cherokee Nation of Georgia as it fell under the harsh laws of that state. McAdams underscores the impact of these laws on one family.

My goal is to put the reader in the middle of the action in a way that will make history jump out of the pages and be close and personal. My fictional character, Tom McAdams, walks hand and hand with the real people who helped make us the nation we are.

Let me warn the reader; there is a lot of action.

Guy Middleton