About the Book

Front COverMcAdams, An American Legend encompasses the true history of the expansion of a nation. As a mixed blood Cherokee, Tom McAdams faces hardship and struggle in an intolerant Georgia environment. A brutal personal tragedy in 1832 forces McAdams west to Indian Territory where he meets Sam Houston. His relationship with Houston leads him to Texas and new adventures at the Alamo and San Jacinto. In addition to the thrilling and often violent events that surround McAdams, his life with his wife and children reveal the inner conflict that Tom experiences in his need to be with them, yet at the same time answer the call to duty as a Texas Ranger during the Mexican War. In the heart-rending finale, Tom makes a long and treacherous journey to fulfill a promise to bring his sons home from a raging Civil War – whatever the cost. Middleton’s dazzling storytelling captures the excitement and grit of the western expansion. Middleton expertly weaves together fact and fiction leading the reader to experience the adventure and challenges of our nation’s history.